Dealzilla (Pty) Ltd Customer Booking Terms and Conditions and Terms of Engagement

(1) Application

Dealzilla (Pty) Ltd look forward to making your dreams come true on your next holiday. We will act as your booking agent for all your travel requirements where we are engaged, by yourself (The Client) to do so in writing. These terms and conditions constitute the full “Agreement” and contain all legally binding expectations placed on us through the purchasing of any travel related services we offer. This agreement further outlines your obligations as a customer to us when purchasing any travel-related products through us. The terms “we”, “us” and “our” refer to Dealzilla (Pty) Ltd. The term “you” refers to the customer/client, booking and paying for any singular, party or group reservation through us or otherwise using our paid for services.

(2) The Client and Authority

Any person(s) wishing to utilise the services and products offered by Dealzilla (Pty) Ltd, indicates their acceptance of the conditions of sale by either signing of this document, paying an invoice in full or in part by form of a deposit payment (part (%) of invoiced rate) prior to the conclusion of any transaction with Dealzilla. Upon doing so you warrant that the parties have READ, UNDERSTOOD AND ACCEPTED the Conditions on behalf of the person/party in whose name the ultimate reservation or booking is made (collectively referred to as ‘the Client(s)’). No booking will be made without the prescribed above acceptance. Your acceptance of this contract as indicated above will deem you to have or been given the prerequisite authority to make and hold such booking.

(3) Documentation

Our general practice is to send documents to our customers electronically whenever possible. We reserve the right to charge an administration fee should you make a request for such documents to be sent as a hard copy.

(4) Group Travel

Group travel programs are calculated on numbers of travelers traveling together within the same party of travelers attending, participating in the same travel itinerary. The higher the number of travelers the lower the rates per traveler and likewise, the lesser the number of travelers the higher the rates per traveler. Should any traveler decide to cancel their participation within the scheduled group travel program, no refund will be extended to the canceling parties. This is to ensure that the rate integrity is secure and that the balance of travelers continuing with their plans of travel within the same group traveling together retains their rates based on the initial number of travelers booked for their group travel program. In the event Dealzilla agrees to refund a canceling party, it will be done so on the bases that the balance of travelers traveling together agree to accept the extra charges/increase in rates per traveler resulting from the cancellation of the canceling individual/ individuals at which point these additional charges will become payable immediately by each traveler. A full refund will be made available should Dealzilla cancel the group travel program based on, the group not achieving their minimum number of travelers traveling together sharing the same travel itinerary, should there be an imminent danger to the travelers within the hosting country, city, state, town, suburb or region.

(5) Deposits, Payment and liabilities

Any deposits or full payment paid by you or paid into our nominated bank account, by you or on your behalf, in full or towards your invoiced amount is non-refundable. Payment in full or payment of the provided deposit amount, in writing, enables us to hold a reservation for you at a guaranteed price should there not be any amendments to your travel program as quoted and invoiced. Costs incurred for changes in travel arrangements will be for your account in full and any such changes will only be made once the full quoted amount has been paid for. Once travel has been confirmed, by depositing funds, written communication or any other verifiable means, no responsibility or liability will be accepted for changes that are made after this time. No changes or refunds will be made for any bookings or travel arrangements due to disappointment regarding any choices that you, the client, have accepted prior to departure without full payment being received for such changes. This relates to any form of accommodation, purchases, travel, food, and entertainment of any description. We will not be held liable in any way shape or form for any type of loss or damage related to incidences of unrest, terrorism, theft, accident, loss of life, loss of property of any description. We insist that the client takes out insurance for these areas of concern. Should you the client not take insurance we cannot be held liable for this in any way as we have expressly communicated the need for adequate insurance whilst traveling. Reservation codes and numbers will in some cases only be available between 2-4 weeks prior to travel date. We will advise you of the date that full payment is required. Upon the provision of your payment information, you are authorizing us to make the payment arrangements with the corresponding Suppliers. In the event of Dealzilla entering into a payment arrangement with its customer, Dealzilla reserves the right to cancel the said agreement should the customer default on the payment schedule 90 days prior to travel. Any refunds are at the sole discretion of Dealzilla’s suppliers however refunds of any sort are in no way guaranteed, as discussed above. Should the event arise whereby Dealzilla has agreed to issue a refund based ONLY upon its supplier’s willingness to do so, Dealzilla will in this event issue a refund in form of a voucher after all cancelation fees, penalties and administration cost have been accounted for and deducted from the amounts paid to Dealzilla with the balance being refunded in the form of a travel voucher. Any claims of refunds in order to be considered however not guaranteed would need to be made no later than 14 days prior to travel/departure/tour/check-in date. All funds payable to Dealzilla (Pty) Ltd by a client towards their travel program or its (client) third-party thereof needs to be paid into the Dealzilla (Pty) Ltd business account which is held at First National Bank a registered FSP financial services provider under the name of Dealzilla (Pty) Ltd. Under no circumstances, unless instructed otherwise by a Dealzilla (Pty) Ltd director in writing (signed) on a Dealzilla (Pty) Ltd letterhead is a client to pay funds intended to the above account into any other bank account unless nominated with reasons by a Dealzilla (Pty) Ltd director. Dealzilla (Pty) Ltd Nominated Banking Details: First National Bank, Dealzilla, 62525014809, 256-755, Northgate

(6) Refunds

Deposits are not refundable as your deposits are used to secure your seat on the airline carrier as well as accommodation at your designated hotel. Accommodation and flights are not transferable in any way shape or form and swapping out of any travel arrangements once travel has commenced will only be entertained when full payment is made by you for the charges incurred by such changes. All changes whilst traveling are subject to a 15% Levey on the quoted price due to the “Rush” nature of the change. Additional packages and excursions will be considered once your travel has commenced only once full payment is received for such additions. These additions will be made at a non-discounted rate and no liability will be accepted in any way shape or form for material loss due to such changes. Such changes cannot be guaranteed and as such are at risk. Should flights be compromised by such changes any additional costs for these travel arrangements will be for your cost. We accept no liability should flight or any other forms of transport be missed due to changes in schedule or any other reason what so ever. Dealzilla (Pty) Ltd offers a full and comprehensive travel insurance policy which is quoted and facilitated by Dealzilla (Pty) Ltd travel insurance partner Bidvest Insurance Group. This policy will cover Dealzilla (Pty) Ltd clients for a number of unforeseen circumstances that could hinder or delay the travel program purchased. Should you not choose to take up the Dealzilla (Pty) Ltd client travel insurance policy please ensure that you chose a provider that will cover you for the unforeseen. Should you not wish to take up any form of insurance we will not be liable for any loss incurred due to negligence on your part to forsake this important part of the travel experience. Refunds are at the sole discretion of Dealzilla’s suppliers and are in no way guaranteed, as discussed above. Should the event arise whereby Dealzilla has agreed to issue a refund based ONLY upon its supplier’s willingness to do so, Dealzilla will in this event issue a refund in form of a travel voucher to the refundable value after cancelation fees, commissions and administration cost have been accounted for and deducted from the amounts paid to Dealzilla with the balance being refunded in the form of a travel voucher. Any claims of refunds in order to be considered however not guaranteed would need to be made no later than 14 days prior to travel/departure/tour/check-in date. Refunds that are claimed for incomplete itineraries or for items invoiced and paid for but not delivered on will be refunded in form of a travel voucher to the value of the disputed and at the turnaround time suggested by Dealzilla’s suppliers upon a claim being accepted by Dealzilla’s suppliers.

(7) Flight Tickets

Dealzilla Pty Ltd shall offer flight tickets at rates less 1% – 38% off retail rates based on retail site ‘’ at time of inquiry (Price range is affected by external factors such as airline, destination, routing and other factors best known to the company). Dealzilla Pty Ltd shall always by default make a good choice for best rates and corresponding airline(s) unless otherwise indicated. Dealzilla Pty Ltd reserves the right to work with airlines within its scope of partnership and convenience to provide best rates and will advise accordingly in rare unusual/unworkable situations.

(8) Flight Ticket Transaction Procedure

All bookings and confirmation of bookings by the travelers will be channeled directly through Dealzilla Pty Ltd. Upon price agreement, Dealzilla Pty Ltd expects to receive the client’s details within 72 hours to commence with the booking process. Discounted airfares and promo tickets will be delivered via electronic mode between the date of booking and 3 week(s) before departure date if travel period at the time of inquiry is more than the listed range. This is in line with Dealzilla Pty Ltd supplier/partner mode of operation to ensure best rates and promo codes validation. However, tickets with less departure time should be delivered in a few days or a day depending on how close travel date is at time of inquiry. Confirmation for accommodation or hotel bookings and other services will follow the same procedure as flights listed above. Discounted tickets are non-refundable. If passengers do not show up on stipulated travel date for any reason all monies will be forfeited. Change of flight booking details or date does not apply for promo/discounted tickets. In the case of inability to secure discounted/promo tickets resulting from increased rates caused by client’s late payment collection (stipulated above), the client acknowledges that chance to issue ticket will be under probability and that failure to do so will result in full forfeiture or minimum refund over time as the case may be. Passports details for all travel parties need to be supplied by no later than 45 days prior to the travelers outbound departure date. Tickets will not be issued past these dates as the ticketing agents would have reserved these promo tickets at discounted rates and will not refund Dealzilla Pty Ltd for reserved air tickets.

(9) Cancellations

In the event of the Client canceling the Booking, Dealzilla (Pty) Ltd shall have the RIGHT TO EITHER CLAIM the full amount of, or retain an amount of the Payment and claim reasonable damages suffered by Dealzilla (Pty) Ltd,

(10) Insurance

Travel insurance is a vital part of your arrangements. All Dealzilla (Pty) Ltd holiday packages do not come fully inclusive of comprehensive travel insurance. However all-inclusive insurance, which is to provide security and provision to Dealzilla (Pty) Ltd clients, can be purchased at a market-related rate. Dealzilla (Pty) Ltd client comprehensive cover and schedule is managed and underwritten by the Bidvest Insurance Group, a business partner of Dealzilla (Pty) Ltd. Your comprehensive travel insurance (Should you wish to purchase insurance through us) is issued at a market-related cost to the Dealzilla (Pty) Ltd client.

(11) Forex

All rates quoted in (ZAR) are subject to change according to the ROE activities. Invoiced rates are subject to change according to the ROE activities until the date of payment.

(12) Payment Arrangements & Forex Risk Management

Split monthly payments will be invoiced in $USD of the ZAR quoted equivalent. Split monthly Invoices should be paid in the ZAR equivalent of the invoiced $USD amount at the company’s bank’s (First National Bank) $USD selling rate at the time of payment. Payment to be made in $USD as reflected on this invoice should you be outside of South Africa not trading in South African ZAR.

(13) Passports, Visas & Health

Prior to booking international travel, we recommend that you review any web sites and advisories applicable to your destinations. Certain destinations have risk advisories and it is important to familiarise yourself with up to date information prior to departure. It is your responsibility to ensure that all of the details on your travel documents are correct and to bring to our attention any errors or discrepancies immediately. Your travel documents are valuable and should be safeguarded at all times. It is not always possible to replace travel documents in case of loss, theft, damage, etc. It is ENTIRELY THE CLIENT’S RESPONSIBILITY to ensure that all passports and visas are current, valid, obtained on time, have sufficient blank pages, will be valid for six months after return to their home country and that any vaccinations, inoculations, prophylactic (e.g. for malaria) and the like, where required, have been obtained. The Client is STRONGLY ADVISED to check the relevant requirements before traveling. Passports are to be forwarded to Dealzilla no later than 3 WEEKS prior to the date of departure. Should passports be forwarded to Dealzilla past the 3 WEEKS deadline period as strongly stipulated, all travel arrangements will be canceled by Dealzilla suppliers with no refund to the booking individual/individuals. Certain parts covered by the Client’s itinerary may be areas where there is a HIGH-RISK of malaria and other tropical diseases. It is ENTIRELY THE CLIENT’S RESPONSIBILITY to check if any parts of their itinerary fall in high-risk areas and the Client is STRONGLY ADVISED to take the necessary precautions in this regard and hence we recommend that the Client checks with their medical practitioner before departure or a medical practitioner well versed in tropical diseases immediately upon arrival at any tropical or sub-tropical destination. If this has not been done prior to departure, it is imperative to do so upon return.

(14) Declaration

Dealzilla (Pty) Ltd is not a travel agency but rather a travel broker and wholesaler of travel, travel-related products and services and luxury goods that have in most cases exclusivity to numerous travel itineraries around the world. Dealzilla (Pty) Ltd is not associated with any South African travel association/forum/authority and will not falsely claim to be so. Dealzilla (Pty) Ltd is an online business and does not have a physical trading post. Dealzilla (Pty) Ltd is some cases may acquire reservations of air tickets, cruises, transfers, tours and activities, accommodation and other from its suppliers who have different payment agreements in place which in no way will affect your reservation.

(14) Obligations

Dealzilla (Pty) Ltd is legally obligated to ensure that its client receives full delivery of services and products invoiced and paid for by its client. Dealzilla (Pty) Ltd is also obligated to ensure that every client has the option to undertake its travel insurance policy offered by its travel insurance partner. The client warrants that all payments will be made 90 days prior to travel and that all information has been provided honestly and without omission so as not to delay the travel or payment for travel. The client further warrants that Dealzilla is in no way responsible for any loss or damage prior to, during, or after the travel mandate has been concluded. Any changes are to be communicated in writing and the client acknowledges that such changes will be for their sole account. Should the required changes not be possible the client understands that payment still needs to be made in full once bookings have commenced.

How does Dealzilla differ to other DAILY DEALS platforms and Apps?

Dealzilla is the first DAILY DEALS platform in the world to offer you more than 10 different options to pay for your purchase.
Dealzilla is the first DAILY DEALS platform in the world to offer multiple finance facilities for your convenience.
Dealzilla rewards you with further discounts for sharing the Merchants special deals on your social media platforms.

Is it TRUE that Dealzilla offers the highest number of Payment Options?

Yes that is TRUE!

DEALZilla offers the highest number of payment options found on any DAILY DEALS platform.

Payment Options We Offer

Online Credit Card , Online Debit Card, Online Cheque Card, EFT, Online Instant EFT, In person credit card/debit card and cheque card payment, Zapper Mobile Zap Payments, SCode Payments, MobiCred Revolving Credit, Capitec Finance up to 72 Months to pay, Dealzilla LayBy up to 6 months interest FREE, Major retailer in-store payments, Bitcoin, Master Pass

Who are Dealzilla's Payment Partners

Capitec Bank




Visa Master Card

Makro Stores

Pep Stores


Checkers Hyper

Shoprite Checkers

Hyperama House and Home

OK Furniture Stores


Pick ‘n Pay

Save Rite

The National Post Office

Can I purchase goods on Dealzilla if I don’t have a bank account?

YES you can by using the Dealzilla SCode

How SCode Works

  • When ready to pay selects SCode Cash as the payment option
  • An SCode barcode invoice will be generated upon payment
  • Select to print or save to access your invoice later
  • Take your the SCode barcode invoice to your local Shoprite, Checkers, USave, Checkers Hyper, OK Furniture, House and Home or Post Office and presents it for payment at the instore Money Market counter or at the teller.
  • The teller will scan the barcode and request payment as reflected on the invoice. You can then finalise payment by using Cash, Debit or Credit card.
  • You will then after receive a receipt confirming that payment has been made and we will also receive an auto confirmation so that your voucher can be released to you.

You can get the text copy and images from this link for the SCode:

What are Triggers?

Triggers are tools created by DEALZilla to enhance your online shopping experience ensuring you have every opportunity to earn more discounts over what is situated on each product/service/experience for sale. Simply click on the TRIGGERS to activate you discounts mechanisms.

Social Media Trggers
Click on any social media icons to earn a further 3% discount on your purchase

Zilla Hunt Trigger for BONUS DISCOUNTS
Find all the hidden icons at earn a further 3% of your purchase Scratch Card Trigger for BONUS DISCOUNTS

Scratch Card Trigger
Scratch the scratch card to reveal your hidden bonus discounts (coming soon)

Videos Media Trigger
Earn DISCOUNTS by sharing our Amazing, Funky and Motivating videos with your friends and family on social media platforms.

What benefits are there to becoming a Dealzilla member?

MANY, as a Registered Dealzilla member you qualify to receive amazing discounts on local and internation deals. As a Dealzilla member you will also get the following with every international holiday purchased;

  • International Transfers
  • Free Comprehensive Travel Insurance Insurance
  • Up to 35% discounts on interntional air fares
  • A R250 Uber Voucher towards your local transfers
  • Access to weekly Holiday auctions where you determine the price of the holiday package and what the holiday package is worth to you.
  • Access to your unique user admin profile panelle which will store all of your past, present and future booking as well as all of your transactions all in one secure place.
  • Access to weekly splash deals at amazing discounts just because we can
  • Receive weekly emails with regards to current and up coming HOLIDAY deals tailored to your suggested interests.
  • Earn discounts by inviting Friends and Family to join the FUN.
  • Get 1 FREE deal for every 4 purchased. T&C’s apply
  • Get access to DEALZilla holiday FINANCE through DEALZilla’s partnering banks. A first in South Africa. Get access to a 6 Month interest FREE payment plan should you not qualify for traditional lending. There are always options with DEALZilla
  • Create Your Own DEAL : As a registered DEALZilla Member you can take advantage of DEALZilla’s barganing power and let us get you what you want at the price you willing to pay. Simply complete the form below and hit the Submit Button and the DEALZilla team will start working on bringing your request to life.

As a member what are my FINANCE OPTIONS?

Up to 72 months finance

Qualify for up to 72 months HOLIDAY FINANCE through our partnering banks. Bank pays Dealzilla, Dealzilla confirms your voucher and you pay the bank according to your agreed monthly payment schedule. You would need to meet the minimum credit requirements according to the NCR.

1 – 6 Months Interest-FREE LayBy Account

Should you not qualify or meet the minimum credit requirements needed to finance your purchase through our partnering bank, DEALZilla will allow you to pay for your purchase between 1 – 6 months interest-free. A small deposit will be required and the balance paid up before the goods are released. In this way, you get to secure the DEAL price at the time it Airs on Dealzilla.

Dealzilla’s 12 Month Holiday Revolving Credit Account

What? An Online Holiday Revolving Credit Account ??? Shutup and take my money! We will, Later and in small manageable bits. Dealzilla’s revolving credit facility managed by Mobicred will allow the purchase any offer advertised on Dealzilla on a secure 12-month revolving credit account.

How soon can I start shopping and taking advantage of my membership benefits?

Immediately, your successful membership registration allows you immediate access to all DEALZilla membership features and benefits.

Cool I’m excited, Where do I register?

Easy, just click on the “Register Button” that’s found at the top right corner of the web page, fill in your name, email address, chose a username and password and tick your products of interest preference box. Once you are done click on Activate and you are good to go.

Is the Dealzilla’s website safe to use?

Absolutely, Dealzilla uses a Level 1 payment processing gateway partner to ensure 100% peace of mind. Our Merchant account is hosted and backed by both First National Bank and PayFast.

I bought a deal — now what?

Upon payment, via credit card or Zapper, you will receive a confirmation of purchase as well as your DISCOUNT COUPON VOUCHER which can be redeemed at the merchant/supplier. The merchant/supplier details along with all the other nitty gritty of the deal will be on your DISCOUNT COUPON VOUCHER that will be emailed to you. Please read the terms and conditions of the deal carefully before purchasing. Once you receive your voucher via email please contact the merchant to secure your booking and desired dates to travel or bookings space if at a restaurant or other.

I’ve deleted the email. Oops.

No stress, all your orders will be listed under My Account in the top right corner. When you log in on your DEALZILLA profile, you will see in the top right corner “Hello, Bob”. When you click on that, you will see ‘’My Vouchers’’. You will be able to print your voucher from your profile.

Where is Dealzilla based?

Dealzilla is based in Fourways, Johannesburg

How does it work with EFTs, when do I get my voucher?

It’s easy: you pay the required amount into our bank account, with a unique reference number, which we’ll provide on screen when you buy and also in the confirmation email we send you. You have two business days to make this payment and send us the confirmation. You must send the proof of payment to along with your name and reference number.

On confirmation receipt of your deposit, we will upload your DISCOUNT COUPON VOUCHER onto your profile which you could then print. You will also receive an email confirming the release and upload of your DISCOUNT COUPON VOUCHER to your profile. Please note: all payments must be received no later than two business days after the deal ends

Can I return a voucher?

Payments made to Dealzilla will only be refunded within 3 days after your purchase. No refunds will be issued if refunds are requested after 3 days of purchase.

Do I need to print my voucher?

Yes, it is always a good idea to keep a printed copy in a safe and secure place should you need to refer back to the it. The merchant/supplier will also receive a copy of your VOUCHER.

Are the vouchers transferable?

Unfortunately not.

Tell Me More

If you have any questions that we may not have covered in you FAQ please email them to us on